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Rainbow Toned Coins are Leading to a Pot of Gold at Auction

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Rainbow Toned Coins are Leading to a Pot of Gold at Auction

I can’t believe it’s been a month since the last article! My memory is not always the best, and in the case of this post, it took several iPhone Reminders to get this far.

Anyone following auction results for the last couple of years has noticed a stunning reality: Rainbow Toned Silver coins are bringing a boat load of money at auction. This is best illustrated by the 1958 Franklin Half Dollar that shattered previous records when it sold for $129,250.00! Sure, you might say, coins sell for millions of dollars multiple times per year, what’s the big deal? The 1958 is a fairly common date for the series, and although it is in MS67+ condition, in addition to a CAC sticker, that is more than $40,000 above the previous record for a Franklin. The interesting comparison is that the previous record was held by an 1851 Proof 67+ that is literally 44 times as rare in all grades and in grade 60 or above.

Here are images of the most highly coveted Franklin Half to date:

I believe this result is part of a larger trend in the coin market that has been developing for many years. As market demand has transitioned away from more investment-minded buyers and shifted towards more of a collector-based market, there has been an ever increasing focus on eye appeal. I’m not saying that the individual purchased that 1958 Franklin for 6 figures solely because of eye appeal, but that it may have been an influencing factor in why that buyer, and many others, were so aggressively pursuing that coin. According to the auction, there was record bidding by multiple buyers instantaneously.

Although investors are returning to coins as a result of the heavy volatility in stocks and the perception of inflated real estate prices, it’s still important to remember that quality counts in the current marketplace. In 15 years of trading rare coins and Precious metals professionally, I’ve seen investors come and go, but there is one constant: the collector. Regardless of other market conditions, it’s important to remember that the collector is King, and if you want to please the King, make sure to bring him quality.

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