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The Swiss Army Knife of Cryptocurrency Wallets Creating A Superhighway of…

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Theia is a fairly new entrant to the crypto currency space but has been quick to establish itself as a highly qualified team with a bright future! They have been quick to spring into action and recently released their application on the Google Play store with an upcoming release planned for IOS and iPhone users. They are an incubator project of the amazing Wanchain organization and aim to be the wallet that helps connect the digital assets that are presently isolated on their respective chains. The Theia Wallet prides itself on being the world’s FIRST cross-chain profit sharing wallet and looks to revolutionize the user experience.

So what does all this mean for those of us who do not have a tech background??? I will try my best to filter down Theia’s amazing technological features into plain old, easy-to-understand English. To do so I will continue to use analogies where blockchains are compared to roads, dDApps are the cars driving on the roads, tokens are the assets that serve as fuel, and cross-chain technology can be seen as the highway connecting these individual roads (blockchains) and allowing the cars (dApps) to travel back and forth between roads. Moving forward, there are four essential pillars to the Theia Wallet that differentiate it and are important to explain to the user.

First up is their User Driven Focus. Theia is creating a wallet that is geared to empower the community users. Using THA tokens users can come together and vote for which high-quality DApp’s they want to support. To backtrack, DApp stands for decentralized application and is basically an app that is not owned by a single entity but instead controlled and shared throughout the community. Think about how good it will feel to know that you played a role in making a DApp into a reality on Theia’s platform. You will also receive free token rewards from that DApp! The second aspect of Theia’s focus on the user is through the ability to vote for investment institutions that you believe will perform excellently. These highly experienced investors will heavily research and analyze additional projects to approve for listing and seed investment. Lastly, these institutions will provide the users with the option to invest in these great projects at heavily discounted rates.

The next distinguishing aspect of the revolutionary Theia Wallet is its use of Cross-Chain Technology. This is the superhighway that will allow the previously isolated roads of different blockchains such as EOS, Ethereum and Bitcoin to interact with each other and for the cars of DApps to freely travel between blockchains. This also means that you could now pay your friend or a store in bitcoin even if you only have an ethereum token. It might not seem like a big deal right now but as cryptocurrency develops and grows this will be enormously convenient and is an important proactive measure in the space. This will only increase the amount of innovation that is capable and will lead to incredible use cases that are far beyond our very own imagination.

Profit Sharing is a third factor that will give back 80% of Theia’s profits back to the users of the wallet. WOAH!!! That is a gigantic amount and only further encourages the entire Theia community to work together on building a better future for Theia and the Dapps it supports. Anyone using Theia Wallet will also be able to earn more THA tokens over time depending on how many they hold as well as earn through various ways like voting and showing and teaching new people about all the awesomeness the wallet has to offer while bringing them to the platform.

Last but certaintly not least is the advanced Security measures that Theia Wallet offers. The team is constantly working to stay on the cutting edge of the industry’s security practices! They have developed an amazing technology which allows its users to instantly switch between their own private wallet or Theia’s own secure public account system. So for those of us who are not tech savvy, what exactly does that mean?? Well private wallets give the user complete control and responsibility over their assets similar to carrying around physical cash in your wallet while public wallets hands over custody of the assets to a trusted entity similar to having money stored away in your bank account. Well imagine if you could instantaneously transfer money from your bank to in your hand and vise versa. That is essentially what Theia Wallet’s technology allows for with the click of a button.

So after hearing about all these awesome features you are definitely wondering how to get involved. Theia is ready to be downloaded on the Google Play Store as mentioned earlier and their Apple Store release should be approved any day now. The team is a group of workhorses always on the forefront of this technology and implementing new ideas. Also, it is encouraging to see just how user friendly and user focused the Theia Wallet is. They truly care about the users and always have the community’s best interest in mind. Make sure to join and follow their Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Telegram communities to stay informed, connected, and be a pioneer in the revolution to vastly improve the way the World transacts with one another ☺!!!!

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