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😨 More than $1,000,000 dumped for almost nothing?!

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In this article, we will be explaining the incident that happened on the 2nd of November 2018 on the Graviex exchange related to the sell order of 1,018,080 Capital (CALL)

Today’s crypto situation can be compared to the Wild West movies from the 60′ where strange things happened all the time, people switching sides stabbing in each other’s backs without properly thinking of the follow-ups.

This happened yesterday, 2nd of November 2018 when one of our investors suddenly unexpectedly dumped 1,018,080 Capital (CALL) on the Graviex exchange without any prior warning of its actions (no negative thoughts have been presented). And why would it do so? Invest more than $1,000,000 and sell for “pennies” (~600$ worth of BTC), this doesn’t make sense at all, unless something else happened…

Our CEO, Marinescu Adrian, managed to reach the investor asking for a statement regarding the incident:

M.A.: Can you give us a brief about your unexpected decision regarding our project?

X: I sincerely don’t know what happened, I was at home in the night of the incident watching an entarteiment show with my family, nothing weird happened during the day, everything was normal. In the next morning, I saw your messages and called you back to see what happened, after the call I checked my MyEtherWallet account and all my CALL assets were gone. I didn’t do anything, I was storing my assets in the MyEtherWallet account and waiting for you to let me know what to do with them.

M.A.: Why haven’t you stored them on a more secure device like the Trezor you have?

X: I saw the announcement about the swap and I was preparing to swap them, that’s why I have created a Graviex in the first place, I haven’t used it before and I wasn’t planning to do so if it wasn’t about this project. I even configured my miners to mine this to back you up.

M.A.: We have received the swap request coming up from your Telegram account and also the tokens from your registered account, how’s that possible?

X: I was using the web version of Telegram on the PC I had stored the wallet where I have received the assets; it’s my personal computer which I had used in the night of the incident. I left it turned on after checking forex indexes and reading online news about the British Brexit.

M.A.: You normally leave your PC turned on all the time or you just forgot to turn it off yesterday (2nd of November 2018)?

X: Almost all of the time my PC stays on, usually I turn it of when I receive reports about electricity issues in my area.

After the discussion, the PC was analysed, a remote control malware was discovered on the device that was creating a tunnel to a Russian IP address that enabled full remote access to the victim’s device(investor’s PC) allowing it to use the owner’s Telegram account among with the MyEtherWallet account and Graviex account that left connected to the PC.

A lot of people reported that this might be an inside job done by the investor itself to avoid tax declarations in its country, but until future verifications are done we can’t express a public opinion about this.

This is the first part of the investigation, we will keep everyone updated about the incident as more proofs reveal.

What is your opinion about this? Feel express your opinion about this incident.

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