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Yoohwan Kim’s Research on Blockchain- A New Cryptocurrency Technology | #VentureCanvas

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Today, the world knows about what is blockchain. The recent news is about a local professor who is a researcher. For about two years, he has been doing research on the new technology.

This is Las Vegas for the second time within two weeks, hosting a cryptocurrency convention.  You must be aware of the latest focus surrounding world crypto Convention is being on the blockchain.  This new technology discovery is the backbone of digital currencies including bitcoin. Considering the exhibitors, one is Yoohwan Kim, a computer science professor at UNLV. According to Yoohwan Kim,

We are doing some research in the blockchain. Actually, blockchain is the main thing that we are interested because blockchain has great potential. They can change our society.

The background of Kim lies in researching blockchain. He has been into his research from a past couple of years. He desires to find solutions for issues dealing with this new technology like scalability and speed. Additionally, Kim believes,

Right now bitcoin Ethereum they can make a transaction maybe two to three, maybe five transactions per second that’s too slow so my research is about the changing that perspective.

We have seen that regulating blockchain is always facing a mix reaction. An analyst with Venture Beat, Stewart Rogers think people are booing speakers talking about the industry regulations. However, this regulation should surely happen.

Apart from which we are already experiencing some legislation coming into action in the United States. The FCC is also showing their involvement in such activity and trying to push this in distinct countries. Moreover, Kim has seen blockchain giving trust between lots of people.

There are various sectors and companies that are already using blockchain. Anheuser-Busch which is a brewing company, a few months ago adopts the technology. Also, share your views on blockchain technology.

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Source: Yoohwan Kim’s Research on Blockchain- A New Cryptocurrency Technology

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