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This is a follow up article to an initial study I conducted earlier this year. Where most of you will be familiar with Matrix AI Network, (MAN), the 3rd gen blockchain platform specializing in AI, there are some points worth reiterating, especially in a space that reuses buzz-words like interoperability, smart contracts, and yuuuge partnerships enough to make your eyes glaze. Make no mistake, MAN is the last project you want to go to sleep on.

A quick refresher on some of MAN’s strengths:

Makes smart contracts easier to use as users can design them using natural languages. As a result, this technology will be accessible to a much larger audience than just programmers, and as a result, will speed adoption. Some estimates make MAN 350x more accessible for programmers than ETH, (this already staggering figure comes without taking into consideration other market factors like the behemoth partnerships we will get into later on, such as the OBOR initiative).

Safer to use by way of an AI security engine. By implementing an AI based sandbox-style attack, this engine will prevent the exploitation of smart contracts such as that displayed in the DAO attack, before the smart contracts are deployed on the network.

Faster to use. The eventual goal is to outperform the VISA payment processing system with a throughput of 1 million TPS (transactions per second, ((holy guacamole)). They already have transaction speeds topping 50,000 TPS on testnet with only 21 nodes running.

Flexible. The blockchain will optimize itself to the needs of markets using AI and machine learning built into the core of the platform. This adaptability enables it to bob and weave in real time, and anticipate demands and weaknesses before they are exploited. It also reduces the risk of hard forks which would split the community and devalue the currency.

Green mining by way of MCMC (Markov Chain Monte Carlo). This means that people/organizations can harness the mining power generated by PoW (proof of work) to solve real-world, computer-intensive problems. Though current computer architecture does not natively support MCMC computations, the team already has a prototype of a 1st-generation mining machine which they plan to implement as a single IC (integrated circuit) silicon chip within 18 months, (if not sooner). A great write-up summarizing a number of these points can be found here:

The top 3 reasons why MAN is the LOWEST RISK and HIGHEST REWARD crypto project currently on my radar, (and why I don’t see this changing any time soon).

The robust nature of MAN’s role in China’s behemoth TRILLION dollar One Belt One Road infrastructure project. I highlight the capital allocation for OBOR because as I type, it is roughly 5x the market cap of the entire crypto market. Of course, this is not to imply that that trillion dollar budget, or even a hefty portion of it will be directly invested in MAN, but MAN is integral to the success of OBOR, (as it is the single official partner for blockchain and AI development), therefore, the considerable resources of the Chinese government will be employed to ensure that MAN succeeds. Let that sink in for a moment. Where as many if not most crypto projects elicit considerable suspicion from local and national governments, China has not only embraced MAN as the only government-blessed ICO, but has partnered with it in the single most important infrastructure project in recent Chinese history. There are additional partnerships, and applications of note, such as MAN’s submission for standardized utility in the International Electrotechnical Commission, but the immediate turbocharged growth engine for MAN is OBOR.

MAN’s success in optical identification of objects and pose recognition. This sounds simple enough, but when coupled with AI, and machine learning, the reach of the implications for this technology alone, are about as advanced as any blockchain project has presented. The importance of sight in the development of industrial capacity is difficult to overstate. Intelligence in vision, and more specifically, pattern recognition, is at the core our most lauded discoveries. This technology is already in use with MAN’s 302+ partnered hospitals in early cancer detection, and diagnosis confirmation, (even catching cancerous structures that are sometimes invisible to the naked eye). This same tech can be applied to any number of applications in IoT driven machinery in factories, smart cars and city surveillance recognition of pedestrians and other vehicles in complex traffic flows, advanced pattern recognition in weather forecasting, etc. You name it, this tech is game changing. For more on the cancer diagnosis tech, see here:

The combination of the sum leveraged applications designated in MAN’s DNA. One of the most resonant refrains in wide scale crypto adoption is the negative energy cost of mining. MAN elegantly addresses this with its green mining MCMC method referred to above. This not only addresses energy concerns, but encourages token liquidity. Similarly, MAN’s relaxes non-programmer barriers to entry by employing natural language smart contract construction, effectively fast-tracking MAN’s application growth by 350x that of ETH. The unsung hero of all of this is of course, the impressive TPS throughput goal of 1,000,000. I won’t drill this point as the benefits are self apparent, especially considering the nearly endless use cases detailed above.

None of the aforementioned potentiality would come to anything more than an Orwellian fever-dream if not for a competent and altogether stellar team of core members, advisors, and partnerships. MAN has all of the above IN SPADES, and has met and exceeded the ambitious roadmap to the point of speeding their schedule, unveiling the public testnet early on Nov 1. Where so many projects repeatedly over-promise and underdeliver, (ehem, LUX), MAN has maintained a brazen competence on all fronts, making most blockchain projects look like little more than ameateur warm up gigs for the MA(I)N event. There are any number of factors that could lead to unforeseen obstacles, or even cataclysm for MAN. A global event could weighleay the OBOR project, a miracle drug could render the cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment protocol useless, AI could go the way of Musk, and turn us all into slave labor, but something tells me these things are less likely than the MAN’s eventual ascendancy. No price predictions, no growth projections against BTC or otherwise, just the cold hard truth; in the cryptoverse, Matrix is the MAN.

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