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By restricting vaping options, the FDA makes a mistake

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting the FDA will restrict sales of vaping products because of a concern that under-age vapers will access the products. The FDA is concerned that teenagers are vaping in growing numbers and wants to stamp out their access.

Rather than restricting vaping, the FDA should be following the UK’s current policy, which recognizes that vaping is 95 percent safer than smoking. Image via Twenty20.

The problem is that teenagers will always try out new things. Smoking and drinking are probably the most usually tried vices, but narcotics and other drugs and even more lethal activities are always a temptation. It should be seen as good news that fewer kids are trying smoking, which is dangerous, and are rather vaping, which is far less hazardous.

Meanwhile, UK physicians are uncertain whether to suggest people vape rather than smoke. The UK has maintained the world’s most rational policy on vaping, stating that it is 95 percent safer than smoking. But the health nannies don’t like it and I won’t be surprised if UK Government reverses its position, to the detriment of health.

The FDA should be following the UK’s current policy.

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