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Looking For More Money Every Month? Try These Two Proven Strategies.

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Whatever stage of life you’re in, I’m sure we could all use a little extra money to continue to live the lifestyle we desire. Whether you’d use extra cash to give to charity, grow your business, or as a resource to invest into your future, there are two areas where most North Americans are leaving cash on the table.

Tax Refunds
Do you receive a tax refund of $1,000 or more every year? If you do your like the majority of North Americans. In fact current estimates are that 80% of Americans can expect a tax return this year.

A tax refund simply means the government is withholding money that already belongs to you. AKA they are overtaxing you! And aren’t paying you any interest in return to hold your money.

It’s kinda like have a savings account that you only have access to once a year and is paying you zero interest. That’s a bad deal!

What can you do?

Try applying to have your taxes reduces at the source ( your paycheque.) And in return have more money in your pocket that you can use every month.

If you receive a $2,000 return every year, 
you could have $166 more every month.

If you receive a $3,000 return every year, 
you could have $250 more every month.

If you receive a $4,000 return every year,
 you could have $333 more every month.

Bottom line, if you’re getting a tax return every year, look into reducing the amount of taxes withdrawn and start keeping more of your hard earned
money every month!

Best way to do this is adjust your W-2 form (Americans) or you T1213 form (Canadians). Talk to your HR rep or Tax accountant for more information.


Do you carry a credit card balance? Are you paying countless dollars towards interest payments every month? If this is you then you need to try a credit card balance transfer.

A credit car balance transfer is where you take your current balance from one credit card and transfer it to another credit card.

But why?

Debt is one of the, if not the most, profitable industry in the history of the world. It’s become so profitable that we are seeing debt products offered everywhere! Coffee shops and cell phone companies now offer their own credit cards.

When Sears, was still in business they’re most profitable division was their credit devision and the when they came into trouble the sale of their credit card devision kept them afloat for a while longer.

Understand that banks don’t provide services, they sell products and their debt products are making them billions of dollars every year!

So, most credit card companies are willing to offer you a 0% or very low interest rate to do a balance transfer in hopes that you won’t pay off your balance in time and in return they can start charging you interest and adding to their profits.

Not sure how to do a credit card balance?

All good! I’ve got you covered. I created a Credit Card Hack series to help show you how to do a balance transfer and start paying off credit cards faster. I don’t take any kickbacks or receive any incentives. My goal is to help you live debt free! And sometimes, a balance transfer can help you exponentially payoff credit card debt.

If you’re interested in learning more about this free resource heard over to to download the Credit Card Hack workbook.

Financial Coach, speaker and personal finance blogger. Mike’s goal is to reach as many people as possible and teach the financial principles that helped him and his wife, Steph, get on a financial game plan, beat debt for good and to fully live their best financial lives today.

Mike is a personal finance coach to young families and business across North America and has recently launched his first course teaching principles and strategies that he uses in his 1-on-1 coaching session. Are you looking to get on a plan, beat debt and build wealth? Visit:Â for free resources that will help you live your best financial life today!

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