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AtlantICO Network is a mobile investment blockchain platform

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🔹The service of AtlantICO Network is a mobile investment blockchain platform in which all its participants will interact with each other. The activities of this platform will create competition in the markets of medical products and will help to improve its quality through the use of surveys and assessments.

🔹 AtlantICO Network platform will work on the basis of NEM blockchain technology, the use of which will be able to guarantee the transparency and security of all actions carried out on the platform. Absolutely all operations carried out in the system will be archived in the blockchain registry, which will make it possible to regulate the pricing of medical goods and services. The members of AtlantICO Network platform will be able to choose high-quality products and services at affordable prices.

🔹The structure of AtlantICO Network platform resembles in its essence a constructor that allows to combine different modules that help platform participants interact with each other. The system also has three components:

✅quality assessment;

✅level of participants;

✅level of producer of goods and services.

🔹The highlight of AtlantICO Network platform is the ability to track a medical product using identifiers that allow the manufacturer to encode their products before they are delivered to the market.

🔹More interesting facts and principles of the platform AtlantICO Network — on the website

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