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Turn Photography from Passion to Profession

Photo by Jazvisuals

Photography is not only an artistic pursuit but also a commercial one. There is a potential scope of making some good bucks through means of this. So, the great and perhaps the most attractive thing about Photography is that it is not humdrum and has a scope for you to make something worthwhile and even get paid for it.

Wondering how you could make money as a Photographer? Here’s how:

1. Do Photo Shoot for Prospective Clients

Photo by Nayan Halder

The most obvious way how to earn money via Photography is to do some Photoshoot for certain events when there are opportunities available. In order to get started, perhaps the most important thing that you will require is to build a strong portfolio and hence people can reach out to you through that. Another vital aspect to make this work is to spread a word on various social media platforms about the Photography services offered by you.

2. Upload your Photographs on Stock Photography Sites

So, if you have got that perfect shot representation something and you want to make money out of it, you can do so by uploading the Photograph on the various Photography sites available. Now, because your Photograph is subjected to copyright, you will earn some bucks if some site wishes to use the picture that you have captured. Make sure you use some good keywords while you upload.

Here are 10 stock photography sites to sell photos online:

  1. Getty Images
  2. Shutterstock
  3. iStock
  4. 500px
  5. Stocksy
  6. Can Stock Photo
  7. Adobe Stock
  8. Depositphotos
  9. Alamy
  10. GL Stock Images

3. Try Photo Blogging

If you not only have the skill set of a Photographer but also of a potential writer, this one is for you. Why not try Photo blogging? Bloggers get paid in various forms including publishing of sites or via ads. For this, you can start your own blog online and upload relevant content based on the same and make your site work. Prospective agencies who want to publicize via your blog will automatically approach you.

4. Become a Freelance Photographer

Photo by Kamal Kant Tyagi

Similar to the pursuit of freelance writing, a freelance Photographer can make some bucks by means of getting their clicks published in a newspaper or a magazine. Again, for this to work you do need a strong portfolio.

5. Participate in Online Photo Contests

Various websites organize Photography Contests and usually, the winners of the contest stand a chance of winning some cash prize or goodies. So why not enter those contests and make your work simpler? Coming to this, make sure that you check out the Photo Contests organized by us at Halla.

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