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Venture Valkyrie’s Lisa Suennen: ‘Medtech is complicated’

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Venture Valkyrie’s Lisa Suennen. Image Venture Valkyrie

John Kennedy | Silicon Republic Startups

Lisa Suennen doesn’t mince her words about the real challenges facing medtech and the overall pharma and life sciences industries. She knows the opportunities, but she also knows where the problems lie. In fact, seeing through a lot of the hype is something she excels at as an investor.

“I think the sentiment of investment is moving back towards science-based start-ups,” Suennen says as we talk about the unicorn bubble and the general mood around Silicon Valley. “I think there is a large amount of money and attention going into life sciences start-ups that are more biotech and pharma-focused.

‘You can help somebody understand they have diabetes and you can give them insulin, but if they cannot afford the electricity to keep it refrigerated it doesn’t matter’

“On the health IT side, a lot of the unicorn activity was going on. There still remains a fairly large amount of interest but there is some concern that they will be difficult to sustain and if the stock market continues to add pressure and there is any difficulty in the economy, this will be problematic.”

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Source: Venture Valkyrie’s Lisa Suennen: ‘Medtech is complicated’


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