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Many times people complain that they never have enough money, and at times I’ve noticed that these complaints come from people who are making similar amounts of money to me or more.

The fact of the matter is that people have become conditioned to spending money unnecessarily. Capitalism is all about convincing people that they need to spend their money to keep cash flowing in the ecosystem. But there are smart ways to save money so that you’ll never have to worry about running low.

Here are a few ways to be smarter with your money.

Use cash instead of credit cards

If you’re the type of person that always uses their credit card and then pays it off each month, the chances are that you’re spending much more than you realise. When you don’t physically see what you’re spending, it can make your subconscious mind think you have unlimited money, making you spend more than you need to.

Instead, you could withdraw an amount of cash each week and live off of that cash. This way, you’ll visibly see how much you’re spending and it’s like giving yourself a limit. If you notice yourself burning through the cash, you’ll give yourself a chance to second-guess that next purchase; you’ll think logically whether you actually need to make that next purchase or not; whereas if you were using your card you’d probably go for it without thinking.

If you’re good with your cash and you still have some at the end of the week, you could either save that cash and withdraw next week’s limit, or withdraw less cash for the next week.

Write down your spending and expenses

I can hear it now; your mind is telling you that you don’t have the time to be writing down everything you spend. That’s fine, but if you truly want to be responsible with money then you should document your spending and expenses. This will keep a record of how much you’re spending on each thing.

The benefits of this is that you’ll know which products and services you can cut from your spending, or you can try to figure out cheaper solutions for each product that is costing you too much.

Cancel subscriptions you don’t use

I have to admit that even I’m guilty of continuing to pay money to subscription services that I don’t even use consistently month-to-month. I’m talking about services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify. If you find yourself not using these services as much as you should, then ask yourself if it’s worth keeping them just so you can give away free money.

Many of these services allow you to cancel and re-subscribe whenever you like, without needing to deal with any contract or notice period. Assess your usage and figure out if it’s really necessary to keep these subscriptions.

Google Coupon Codes

If you’re buying anything form a top retailer online then the chances are that a coupon code exists online. Before you check out and pay for your products, do a quick Google search for retailer coupon codes, you could end up shaving off a few dollars or pounds.

Ex: Search for “Asos coupon code”

Only buy items on sale if you were going to buy them at full price

I know many people who buy things just because they’re on sale, but the question is whether they planned to buy the product in the first place. As I write this article it’s Black Friday, one of the biggest days when people buy things just because there is a deal.

But if you were never going to buy that product in the first place, are you really saving money? Or are the retailers just forcing the money out of your pocket?

The only time I will take advantage of a sale is when I know I was planning on buying the item in the first place, that way I really am saving money.

If you’re the type to be tempted by sales then a better idea would be to buy the item while it’s on sale, wait for the sale to end and then sell that item on eBay or Amazon at the full price. That way you’re making money instead of spending unnecessarily.

If you have more tips on saving money, be sure to share them!

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