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10 Tips To Stay Motivated For a Better Financial Future

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To be a Financially Stable person, we have to follow good habits of Financially Responsible person.

Here are some tips to stay motivated for your Financial Future.

1. Clearly Define your Goals

We need to have goals. Success isn’t about just working 24*7. We need to have purpose behind working on something.

“If you are instructed to walk towards a corner in a small room and I throw a chair while you are walking towards the corner(a Goal), you will overcome the obstacle and try to reach the corner (your Goal). But if you are strictly instructed to walk in a straight line irrespective of where you reach (a process), and I throw the same obstacle again on your way, you will stop, as it would stop you from walking in a straight line. That’s the power of a Goal. You will find ways to achieve your Goals.”

So have clearly defined Financial Goals. No matter what obstacles you face, you will surely overcome them, work towards your Goals and achieve them.

Financial Goals like having a predefined Net Worth by the end of year, or changing your spending patterns or living frugal. Most importantly, have defined Goals.

2. Consistency is the Key

You have defined Goals? Great. Now work on them consistently.

Yes you will get bored while you are working on your defined Goals. What was excitement one week ago will be boring today. You will feel like quitting. Even successful people feel the same way. But there’s a difference. They take a day off and get back on their schedule.

Successful people are successful because of a reason. They know the importance of their Goals and the reasons they have them in place. Their reasons are stronger than their excuses. They think about the reason they had started working towards their Goals.

“Rome wasn’t built in a Day.You will have ups and downs in your life, but what matters is Consistency.”

Successful people are successful because they get back on track quickly even if they had some bad days. Of course they too take some days off but they get back on track as quickly as possible and they believe in Consistency.

3. Have a Buddy

Hustling alone is boring. It’s not challenging. Working on something exciting, alone, is boring. Have a buddy.

This buddy should have similar interests like you. You can have your buddy collaborate with you and push you towards your limits. Your buddy and you will work as a team and push each other during the peaks and valleys of life.

Having a buddy with similar Financial Goals will trigger exciting conversations about the topic and you’ll learn a lot from different perspective.

4. Utilize smaller sub-goals

You have defined Goals? Excellent. Divide your bigger Goals into smaller Goals. Have sub goals that divide your long term goal into short term goals.

Remember? Consistency is the Key? You’ll attain consistency with short term goals.

“If I tell you to create a website like Medium, you’ll end up thinking about from where to start. But if I tell you to develop a login functionality today, create post functionality on the next day, edit post functionality on some other day, it would make sense and the integration of all these functionalities will help us to create the website. That’s how we divide big goals into small sub goals and work towards achieving them.”

Have smaller sub goals and work on them consistently on daily basis.

5. Eliminate Distractions

Today’s social platforms is the new smoking. It’s bad if you get addicted to them.

Almost 95% of today’s millennials are addicted to different social platforms. Name anything, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, or anything else, and millennials will have these Apps on their phone.

Purchased a new phone? Great. Let’s install all this sh**. It’s cool you know. Wrong!!!

They distract you by showing unnecessary notifications related to people you are not interested in (or pretend to be interested). They take away your time and let you think about people you have never met in person. Social platforms aren’t bad, getting addicted is bad.

You need to stay away from these distractions and work on your goals. Remember consistency? Don’t break it.

“Have a watch to check time instead of taking out your phone to check time and ending up giving a damn about all those notifications.”

Keep your phone on Do Not Disturb mode while working on your goals. How all this comes under Financial tips? It does. Remember integration of small sub goals accomplishes long term goals? Productivity and Personal Finance goes hand in hand baby.

Don’t get distracted.

6. Use Visual or Audio Reminders

We all are busy in life. We tend to forget about important things in our daily lives.

Here’s the solution. Write it down and stick it somewhere you usually stare thousand times a day.

Have a sticky note about your goals or your daily tasks on your mirror. I am sure you see yourself in mirror everyday. You’ll be reminded about important things.

See what works for you. Sticky notes on mirror, computer, wall, TV, phone, fan, ceiling, a** or anywhere you feel like sticking the sticky notes.

Remind yourself periodically.

7. Take Breaks

This one is important. Take breaks frequently. You are not a machine. You are a Human Being.

In order to work consistently on your goals, you need to give rest to your mind and your body.

“It’s the washroom where I get most of the ideas or solutions to my problems, and not my desk where I work, most of the times.”

Take a break. Go out with friends. Enjoy life. Sleep well at night. Wake up early in morning. Your subconscious mind will have solutions to all your problems.

Take small breaks periodically. But remember Consistency.

8. Restructure your Social Circle

Every person has two things in common. Circle of Influence and Circle of Concern.

There are people in both these circles. You need to identify the people in your Circle of Influence.

Now how do they look like? 4 hands and 4 legs? Since you have a buddy that helps you and pushes you in achieving your goals, your buddy is in your Circle of Influence. Be with your buddy most of the times and learn together.

Circle of Concern? People you hate. These are the ones whom you hate and don’t enjoy being with. They don’t help you in any way of achieving your goals or in learning something different. In short, they are your Liabilities.

How it is important in Financial Success? Well, people who like going out frequently and spending money on useless things are the ones in Circle of Concern. The opposite are in Circle of Influence.

“Don’t be the one who buys unnecessary things to impress unwanted people with money that he doesn’t have. Don’t show off.”

9. Focus on your own Actions

“Actions speak louder than your Voice.”

Take actions. Don’t just talk. Anyone can talk about making this planet a better place to live, but what matters is what they do to change it. Actions matters.

So from today, tell yourself, you are not going to complain about circumstances. You are going to take actions and work towards achieving your Goals.

It matters a lot financially. Actions leads to better results. Results in your favor. Just take actions. Period.

10. Watch the Numbers

Your net worth is important. It’s a crucial number. In order to be financially stable, you should be very exciting about this number.

Make sure you are not the type of person who checks this number everyday instead of working on increasing it. Watch numbers periodically, not daily.

Profits from stock market are small numbers if you see them everyday. Sometimes you are in loss. But if you check them in a month or quarter, most of the times the profits are in positive.

Watch them but not daily. Don’t stress.

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