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Let’s start off the week with an overview of the latest developments that we have been doing!

Our Development Team has been developing the app further and new features are now available! In the next days we will publish articles about the greatest features of MIMIC.

MIMIC is an app for trading cryptocurrencies on several exchanges, directly from mobile.

The goal is to have an access to crypto balances wherever you are, whenever you want.

So many banks are providing mobile payment options, while a few startups are creating mobile solution for trading traditional financial assets.

This is also due to the increasing numbers of millennials needing financial services. Traditional companies need to adapt to the changing habits of their new customers.

We noticed that the main problem while trading cryptos is that it is very hard to do it from mobile. Some exchange platforms provide the mobile version of their services but not all of them are really mobile friendly. Usually, trading apps are very similar to the desktop version and do not follow the natural mobile experience that users requires.

The best apps, instead, are related to a single exchange. In this way it is not possible to check the total balances from the same place. In addition, wallets or other solutions do not update the portfolio automatically, but this action must be performed manually by the user.

With this in mind, we decided to create a really simple interface, that connects users’ smartphones to their account on several exchanges.

When you download the app, you simply need to sign up with your email and password and connect the exchanges you want to trade on.

In the Coins section you find the coins available, that you can directly trade. Every coin has its own page, with prices, graphs, related news and a badge that indicates if there are some important information related to the coin.

The app is already working and can be downloaded globally, here the links for iOS and Android.

MIMIC is now connected with Binance. In the next couple of weeks we are going to support other platforms. Stay in touch to discover which ones! 😉

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