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Since February 16, 2017, I have worked to examine my choices, habits and values. It has been HARD! Evaluating what you believe to be true about yourself and what you deserve can be uncomfortable. I encourage you to try it nonetheless. I often get frustrated with the process — patience is a virtue I am not blessed with. I also make missteps and lose steam at times. However, realizing that I am evolving into a more thoughtful, present and grateful person is an unexpected gift of the debt free journey.

During 2018, with God’s help, and the support of the debt free community, I achieved the following:
✅ Became a consistent tither (10% giving to my church)

✅ Repaid 20% of student loans (undergrad and graduate)

Purchased my first cash car

✅ Cash flowed medical expenses (including total expense of braces)

✅ Created sinking funds for major expenses including international travel

✅ Started a small business with cash flowed investment

✅ Developed an abundance mindset and took control of my future!

I share this to encourage someone who is beginning the journey, or wondering if they should start. The answer is YES! Even if you’ve been investing your whole life and don’t have outstanding debt, there are bigger questions to ask yourself about your relationship with money, your mindset and purpose, which are intimately connected. Here are 3 resources I found particularly helpful in 2018:

The Choose FI Podcast is my daily source of inspiration and focuses on actionable steps to improve personal finances and live a life of purpose. The co-hosts make complex financial principles digestible and interesting. I binged 2 seasons in 9 months. Recommend starting with episode 38, “The Why of FI”
Think and Grow Rich, based on Napoleon Hill’s famed Law of Success, captures the wisdom of men of great wealth and achievement of the early 20th century. The main message is that uncommon success must come from uncommon thoughts and actions.
Essentialism challenges the core assumption of ‘we can have it all’ and ‘I have to do everything’ and replaces it with the pursuit of ‘the right thing, by regaining control of our choices about where to spend our time and energy

In the remaining weeks of 2018, I encourage you to write down just 3 goals for 2019. Large or small, from 1–12 months, it doesn’t matter. Make the goals something you will commit to. They can be spiritual, relationship goals, career-focused, health, business or finance related. Don’t make a “mental note”; push yourself to write them on paper and post it somewhere you will see it daily. Work on incremental actions that become improved habits to move the needle and help you meet your goals. Here are my 3 goals from June 2017.

3 clear goals I was able to accomplish by December 2017. I’m currently setting my intentions and goals for 2019!

This year I intentionally slowed down and focused on reclaiming my time. Developing the discipline to say “no” and make myself a priority provided more quiet time to center myself. Day to day, it led to more time listening to life-changing podcasts and personal reading. It helped me to drill down and carefully assess what I want for my life.

I also turned 30 in 2018 and it made me grateful to still be a student (of life) and excited for the coming year. I especially appreciate the encouragement along the way and many of you sharing your stories, challenges and questions. I am thankful for this community! As always, feel free to reach out with questions and comment below with your greatest lessons learned in 2018 and 2019 goals!

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