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Introducing BLOC 3.0 mandatory update – – Medium

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We forked TurtleCoin and merged BLOC features to deliver today the new BLOC v3.0.0.1 some of which were then contributed back to TurtleCoin and as a community, we’re keen on helping those who’ve helped us. We will be happy to provide our services and knowledge to the TurtleCoin and other cryptonote projects along their road.

If you do not know about TurtleCoin you should take a look at their website and community but to give you a short brief and numbers:

Created almost 1 year ago TurtleCoin already processed over 2.5m transactions on their network,with a total of 2,223 nodes and counting. 75 community developers contributed to 88 code repositories. They are doing an impressive work here and it’s just getting started.

A much brighter future for the entire cryptonote community and for BLOC in the same time as we will be able to bring our stone to the edifice and benefit from the improvements of the community. Thanks to TurtleCoin.

There is no excuses now if your favorite cryptonote cryptocurrency did not do any updates for a year or sometimes more. They still can jump on the train for going to the next level of cryptonote coins or keep it 2014 style and be ready for the dive.

We want to help the CryptoNote community by providing web services and hardware development services (this is where we are strong) by contributing to open source projects to improve as much as we can this amazing open source technology and concepts for the cryptocurrencies of the future.

Also a big thanks to Fireice-uk for helping us implementing new security features into BLOC.

That being said. Here is few of the most important changes:

BLOC 3.0 is available for download

GitHub Repositories

Download and compile the new BLOC 3.0 core from the same link as before :

We have moved the old core to a deprecated rep called BLOC-2.0-deprecated

Please read the following instructions to know how to compile BLOC.
You need to update GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection to GCC 8

1. Binaries renamed

2. The entire source code is much cleaner and lighter now.

  • BLOCd before the udapte (107MB). BLOCd now (60MB)
  • Walletd before the update (131MB). BLOC-service now (67.2MB)
  • Simple Wallet before the udpate (54Mb). BLOCWallet now (67.6Mb)

3. RPC Wallet

  • We have now only 1 but powerful RPC wallet called: BLOC-service
    that works exactly the same way as the old Walletd but with a bunch of improvements. Make sure sure you check the new wiki BLOC-service section for the complete instructions.

4. BLOCWallet CLI

5. Extra fees for remote nodes

In case users do not want to download the blockchain and verify it every time, they can instead use a Remote Node to quickly sync the blockchain.

Remote nodes are run by anyone who like to support the BLOC and do an extra of passive income while hosting a BLOC public remote node on his computer or on a webserver. Remote nodes require some maintenance and updates that are managed by the node owner. Extra fees are usually required to process each transaction using this remote node except fusion transactions.

If you are interested to run your public remote node you can check this guide to create your config file for BLOCd. You will have to add your BLOC address and the fee amount in your configuration file before starting BLOCd.

We are working on a intuitive way to display this remote nodes , we will be updating our website and GitHub rep with a listing of the BLOC remote node available. Meanwhile feel free to test this service.

6. A brand new BLOC-Developer website

The BLOC-developer website is the number 1 ressource for entrepreneurs or/and developers if you would like to build an app or a website including the BLOC payment services. Divided in 4 categories now with complete instructions.

7. A brand new wiki

We took the time to explain you in every details what BLOC is all about.
Check out the new BLOC Wiki and learn everything you want to know about BLOC.

We are still working on the new new BLOC GUI Wallet but we need to make sure everything is ok with the process of the new core update before we can release the new GUI Wallet. If everything goes like planned it should be ready for next week.

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