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7 Awesome Ways To Save Money & Make Money At College

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College is an awesome experience for most of us due to endless parties, college classes you’re attending and all the homemade beer Rob down the hall keeps asking you to taste test for him. But it sure can cost a bit. Many of us get jobs, in order to support ourselves or to supplement and keep up with our lavish baller status. Those food truck tacos and a side of Kombucha won’t buy themselves, right!

We have put together 7 awesome ways you can save money and make money while at college:

  1. Rent, Don’t Buy

Yes, it’s probably a first come first serve thing, and certainly limited, but this is a sure fire way to get your textbooks in without buying them for the heavy cost. Once you know what books are required for your course, head over to the campus library and look up the books you need. With any luck, no one has thought about this yet, and you can grab all the books you need at zero cost to you. This savvy tip means you can get a couple more kimchi burritos for the gang, or yourself. Joey doesn’t share!

2. Get The Caffeine Buzz Without The Extras

Did you know that you can get low-cost good quality coffee at places like Starbucks? Each store makes a batch brew (not usually on the menu but always available) and these cups usually cost $1–2 per cup. All you need to do is add sugar and milk to taste. Adding in all the extras such as syrups adds calories that can be spent on beer instead as well as costing a few extra bucks for no reason. Coffee tastes good without it and gives the same caffeine buzz.

3. Snack Smart

Meal prepping, and pre-bought snacks and meals stop you from getting those annoying hunger pangs as well as overspending on-campus food. Always having food at reach also helps with concentration when it comes to class.

4. Pot Luck Dinner Nights

If you live off campus, or even on campus, gather your friends for dinner but do a potluck dinner. That means each person cooks one dish and brings it over and you all share. You save, everyone saves and you end up having an awesome dinner night.

5. Coupons for Days

Take advantage of coupons online or from the supermarket in order to save on your usual shop. Better yet, bulk buy the stuff that’s really cheap so you don’t end up paying the later full retail price. If you do end up buying off sale times, then buy the generic products. They are nearly always the same and you save bucks.

6. Help a Student Out and Earn

Assuming you are good at your studies, you can share your knowledge and earn money from it using Spitball. Fellow students ask for advice on questions they are struggling with, and if your answer works out for them, you earn tokens which convert to Amazon gift cards.

7. Sell Your Unused/Old Books

Yes, we all have that pile of books we have barely used, and probably haven’t even cracked the spine of. Did you know that you can sell unused or old books online? This is a great way to earn some extra cash to buy new books or a couple of beers over the weekend.

With Spitball, you can earn money via Amazon gift cards by helping your fellow students with their questions that help them with their homework, and classes. You can also buy and sell books, and find notes for your own classes!

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