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What Will Be the Future of Telecom With Arrival of WTC Noida?

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World Trade Center is part of the New York-based chain of global trade and business hubs. The organization is going to invest almost Rs 21 billion in its Greater Noida project, in India. This is expected to see a big rise in the commercial sphere of India.

The project is spanning almost 50 acres in the area and is considered to be the largest WTC property in the world. The organization has already invested a huge amount and in the coming years, it is going to invest more. Hence, it is going to impact India’s commerce and economy in a big way. Here is how:

The Catalyst for Mobile Open Exchange

The WTC Noida will be a catalyst and trade facilitator at a global level. During the UP Investors Summit 2018, the Yogi Adityanath government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with WTC for the development of Mobile Open Exchange Zone in Greater Noida, Commercial Spaces in Noida, and Office Space in Noida. This will bring a potential growth in the mobile and allied sectors in the state and India as well. For this, WTC will develop about 4.2 million square feet of reality for mobile phone and other technology companies, of which 2.1 million sq ft of commercial space is already developed.

An Open Space to International Investment

Most of the foreign investors are afraid of infrastructural lack in the country. But, WTC will facilitate a global center where international mobile handset companies, can easily rent space in two towers comprising 800,000 sq ft of commercial space. The effort is on the rising to set up international outlets at the upcoming hub.

In upcoming years, new mobile and telecommunication companies will be operating out of these facilities. The project will be completed by 2021, giving space to thousands of international brands.

Hence, WTC Noida is going to make a definite and long-lasting impact on telecom and mobile industry in India. It will help to bring more sophisticated connectivity, IoT, and artificial intelligence in India. Connecting through most advanced networking like 5G will be a reality in India. Very soon!

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