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Elevated home? Best if less than 3 feet or more than 7 feet

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LAWRENCE, Kan. – Dec. 6, 2018 –A new $45,000 RAPID grant from the National Science Foundation has enabled Elaina Sutley, assistant professor of civil, environmental & architectural engineering at the University of Kansas, to collect data on Florida Panhandle homes with elevated wood housing and elevated manufactured housing, and how they were affected by Hurricane Michael.

Sutley and her colleagues surveyed damaged housing, and recorded post-storm damage to structural and nonstructural components.

An elevated home has some protection from storm surge if the home is higher than the rising water. However, Sutley’s studies found that storm winds do more damage to permanently fixed housing elevated between 3 feet and 7 feet – lower or higher seems preferable.

The field data will be used to validate experimental and analytical research Sutley and her team are performing. Their goal is to learn more about structural behavior, wind pressure and component behavior, and failure modes for elevated site-built and manufactured housing.

Florida‘s housing industry stands to benefit from the research, especially in vulnerable areas. Elevated residential buildings are governed by a patchwork of building codes, according to Sutley.

Source: University of Kansas News (12/04/18)

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