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Travel Budget & Expenses Template – Happy Face Traveller – Medium

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I made a simple but effective excel sheet that you can keep easily control and track over your travel budget and expenses. As soon as you have signed up and downloaded the sheet, you can follow the instructions bellow.

It might look complicated at the beginning, but it isn’t. All the white cells are cells where you can/should enter some data. Otherwise you can always contact me if you need help.
Personally, I update the expenses part of the excel sheet every time I withdraw money from the ATM (cash machine).

How to use the travel budget & expenses template

Expenses/Budget Sheet

BUDGET (before travelling)
1. Enter the country name (Column B).
2. Fill in your planned budget you want to spend per day (Column C).
3. Planned amount of days you want to stay (Column E).
4. In Column G4 you will see the total amount you want to spend, which is your budget.

BUDGET (while travelling)
1. Fill in the current balance on your bank account on the desired date (Column L).
2. Column N you can fill in the date you check your balance.
3. In the Column M you are going to see if you are within you planned budget or not.

EXPENSES (before travelling)
0. Enter your planned budget (from G4) or the amount of money you have at the beginning of your travel.

EXPENSES (while travelling)
1. In the new row, enter the old date when you last checked your bank account balance.
2. In the new row, enter your old bank account balance (from cell C43) when you last checked it.
3. Enter your new/current bank account balance in the cell C43.
4. Enter the current date when you check your actual bank account balance.
5. Column I you can enter the place/country you have been.
6. Column L you will see the average amount of money you have spent per day per place
7. In cell C33 you will see the total average amount of money you have spent on your whole travel.

1. Fill in the amount of money you want to spend on flights in column I27.
2. Start to fill in the amount you spent on flights in column I30, I31, … .
3. In the cell M27 you will see the amount you have left for flights.

Hostel Sheet

If you want to keep track of how much you spend per night on accommodation, simply fill in the name, dates and costs of your stay. Especially it is very helpful to write down the hostel names in case you go back to the same place months or years later. Even you think you can keep it all in your mind, believe me, after years on the road you can’t remember all of them 😉

Bank & fix costs Sheet

This part of the Excel sheet is maybe not useful for everyone, especially if you travel only a short time, but you can still check it out. Basically, you just write down your bank account details and which of the different bank accounts you want to use for what.

1. Enter your fix costs (from back home) like health insurance, travel insurance, mobile phone costs, money for pension (if you travel long term), … in the blue area.
2. In the cells G12 and G13 you can enter the amount of money you have at the beginning of your travel on your bank account.
3. Fill in your planned budget for travelling and flights in cell G18 and G19.

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