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Why Filipinos need to think big – Success Philippines – Medium

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It is the only way that will propel our country to a 1st world status.

Do you want our country to be like Singapore or Japan?

It starts in each and every one of us. We Filipinos need to change.

And change starts with our MINDSET.

One mindset that we Filipinos need to change is the mindset of thinking small.

That’s why we have sari-sari stores and vendors on every street possible. 
Because these “entrepreneurs” aren’t willing to scale and make their businesses grow.

That’s why a lot of Filipinos are staying as employees for so many years, and are just waiting to retire and be dependent on their pension plan.


Imagine if these sari-sari store owners and vendors scaled their businesses and competed with 7–11 and Ministop. These entrepreneurs would have profited a lot more and will be way richer than when they stayed small.

If more entrepreneurs will be richer, our economy will grow. And when our economy grows, our country will be on its way to a more prosperous future (a.k.a. 1st world status).

And imagine if these long-time employees will be willing to take a risk and started their own businesses. These employees would have taken home a lot more money than staying at their jobs.

If more long-time employees become entrepreneurs, there will be more businesses. And if there are more businesses in the country, there would be more prosperity for all (again, 1st world status).

But of course there are a deep-seated reasons why these people choose to stay small, they need to confront and deal with head-on.

And which we will discuss in our upcoming posts (so watch out for it!)

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