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Death Of The Expert — How Technology Enabled Amateurs

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(In-debt med student realizing he’s screwed)

Humans have always needed specialized experts — Indians had “medicine men” to perform magic dances and Europeans had doctors for bleeding out sick children.

But those days are long gone. Now we have computers for that.

Take Uber for instance: With one app on your phone you can hire some college kid to drive you and your wife to the local pub. There’s no place for professional taxi drivers anymore.

Just a few years ago, when you wanted to buy something at Walmart, you had a cashier to help you check out. But now those cashiers have been replaced with computers.

Soon, artificial intelligence will even have the ability to drive trucks!

These examples all might sound very specific, but the result of the computer age is even more dramatic than it might appear at first glance.

Professionals are not just being replaced — they’re being replaced by amateurs.

A long time ago, when you wanted to look up a word, you checked your Encyclopedia Britannica — a book of information compiled by some very respectable scholars. Today those scholars have been replaced with Wikipedia — an open source website where anyone can contribute regardless of qualifications.

It’s a completely different world now.

Such widespread technology has transferred power away from experts right into the hands of amateurs.

A long time ago, being an Indian “medicine man” was serious business. They didn’t just let ANYONE do it. But that’s all changed.

People don’t listen buy documentaries made by professionals, they watch free YouTube videos made by amateurs which may or may factual.

These are real issues.

I don’t even go to the doctor anymore. I just sign into an app and get a prescription over the internet from someone who just graduated from med school.

All of this technology is destroying high paying jobs in numerous industries.

As a result, we’re going to see more and more of self-sufficient experts either start essentially becoming freelancers or they’ll just melt away completely as some other desperate person takes their place.

This is something unseen before in the history of civilization — a shortage of high-paying specialized fields of work as the result of too much information and technology.

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