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Breakfast links: The DC Council passed one of the most progressive climate change bills in the US

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DC goes green with newly-passed climate legislation

The DC Council unanimously passed the Clean Energy Act, which mandates that the city use all renewable energy sources by 2032, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, and cut commercial vehicle emissions by 2045.  (Sam P.K. Collins / Washington Informer)

Don’t look for more planes at DCA after Amazon arrives

The Metropolitan Washingtion Airport Authority doesn't expect to add more flights to DCA for their soon-to-be neighbors at Amazon. The airport has size constraints, and the FAA has “slot control” at DCA, so the federal government regulates how many planes per year land there.  (Alex Koma / ARLnow)

Minneapolis got rid of single family zoning thanks to lots of organizing

The Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan took the major step of changing the city's single family zoning to allow triplexes everywhere. This proposal passed thanks to support from many quarters within the community, lots of advocacy, and politicians on the city council willing to take on a controversial zoning measure.  (Jared Brey / Next City)

A plan to open a new hospital in Southeast DC is still underway

The DC Council approved a bill to expedite construction of a new hospital, with an amendment to let Howard Medical School have an academic affiliation with the new facility. The bill almost died during the last council session over concerns about moving too quickly.  (Peter Jamison / Post)

A planned mixed-use project on Rhode Island Avenue will get city funding

The Council approved $47 million in tax increment finance (TIF) bonds for a major development in Brentwood that is projected to have 1,800 housing units. The developers, MidCity, are still facing a lawsuit from a local residents association over displacement concerns.   (Katie Arcieri / WBJ)

Purple Line construction will delay the reopening of the Lyttonsville Place Bridge

The bridge was set to be closed for six months, but Purple Line Transit Partners say that unexpected weather and construction issues will delay that reopening until around January 2.  (Max Smith / WTOP)

Montgomery County wants to use a ranked choice voting system

The Maryland state legislature is considering a bill to let the county use a ranked choice system, where voters rate their top candidates and those second and third choices are taken into account if there is not a majority winner.  (Charlie Wright / Bethesda Beat)

Lots of Americans live in cities, but not always by choice

When surveyed, lots of city dwellers say they don't want to be there. 20% of Americans live in big cities but only 12% say they want to. 15% of Americans live in rural areas but 27% say they want to. Economic opportunities are a powerful motivator keeping people close to job centers  (Christopher Ingraham / Post)

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