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A New Address For the Urbanophile

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I am now officially on Christmas break here, but I want to leave you with this very important post about big technical changes happening over the holiday.

A while back I rebranded the site from Urbanophile to Aaron Renn. But I continued to use the domain name for the web site and my email and Twitter handle. I am now in the process of converting those remaining items.

I have already changed my preferred email address to Please update your address book with the new address. My old one will continue to work, but please do make the update when you can.

My Twitter handle has been changed to @aaron_renn.  If you are a twitter follower there is no need to take any action. You are still following me under the new handle.

Over the break I’m going to be converting the web site to the domain. I waited on this one because it’s an invasive change. I’m going to try to update all internal links to link to the new site, and to redirect any old links so that they still work. You should expect intermittent outages over the next week or two. And also I anticipate that I’ll be finding and fixing various problems of some sort for a while after the cutover.

So after the break, you should update all your bookmarks to the new address If you read me via an RSS reader like Feedly, my plan to make sure everything continues working correctly without you needing to update anything.

See you all in 2019!

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