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After reading the whitepaper of the project I was just stunned from the bright idea behind the project. I really believe that this kind of projects has the spark that will blow the whole industry.

YINC leverages blockchain technology to solve issues and create authentic trust online. TheYINC solution offers consumers competitive pricing, along with authentic, tamper-proof reviews and direct vendor Referencers.

The YINC solution also benefits the commercial real estate market. Commercial properties f requently need to hire vendors for new and recurring jobs and the systems they currently use to manage their properties offer poor tenant communication and lack any sort of vendor bidding process. YINC’s commercial platforms was designed alongside several major firms and we have already procured signed commitments from over 30 RE firms, who manage over $10B of RE globally, to use YINC for all their jobs post-ico.

The majority of people today prefer to talk to someone before making big decisions, especially when it comes to hiring a vendor for an important job. Most people tend to call friends, family members, colleagues and even post on their local facebook groups in order to talk to someone and get advice and references.

YINC’s Referencer program creates a community of direct vendor Referencers, who’ve all actually hired the vendors before on YINC, and these Referencers are all available to be contacted by future consumers to talk about their experience working with the vendors and help them make more informed decisions when choosing the vendor to hire.

After a consumer leaves a review for a completed job on YINC, they will have the option of becoming a “Referencer” for the vendor they hired. Future consumers can pay to contact them and ask about their experience working with the vendor. The Referencer can choose how much they would like to charge to be contacted (e.g. $1, $3, or $5 per call), and they are contacted via Voip and in app messaging, so their personal information is always protected.

By connecting YINC’s competitive bidding platform and its authentic tamper proof reviews with the direct vendor Referencer community, YINC truly innovatives the service-to-hire space in a way that has not been seen yet before.

Here is the brief of the Project:

And here is the technical Whitepaper:

Here is their website so you can learn more about the project:

If you want you can join the telegram group:

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