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“We did the crime, we’re doing the time.”

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“Dear PoPville,

Glenn’s Market on 20th Street was recently the target of a “visit” (a.k.a. undercover set up, a.k.a. sting) by ABRA investigators. A 17-year-old bought an alcoholic beverage to-go (they sell beer, wine, cider, etc. — lots of it locally sourced) and the cashier forgot to ask for his license/birthday.

The person in line right behind the 17-year-old was the ABRA enforcer. Glenn’s was fined $4,000 (!!!!) and forced to close their to-go sections until Sunday. You can still buy a beverage if you’re eating in, but nothing to-go.

Ed. Note: Holiday Hours are
12/26 – 12/28: 12pm – 8pm
12/29 – 12/30: 9am – 9pm
New Year’s Eve: 8am – 9pm
New Year’s Day: 12pm – 8pm

This is a REAL hit for a small merchant.

Yes, the cashier made a mistake and it’s an important regulation to honor for lots of reasons. As the sign says, they did the crime and they’re doing their time.

But the grocery store business is really tough and they make it on VERY small margins.

And the to-go market is probably an important part of Glenn’s overall sales profile.

Support our locally-owned independent grocery store folks. I suggest that everyone who needs alcoholic beverages to-go should hold off buying elsewhere until Sunday and then stop in to Glenn’s on 20th Street to stock up on cider and suds and wine and such.

Support your local merchant! You know you need to restock before New Year’s Eve. Let’s clean ’em out on Sunday and Monday!

(Or just stop by and buy something else . . . )

~ Ralston Cox
Dupont Circle”

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