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A little about us now…

XCOYNZ strives to be unique, to stand out in the competitive and exponentially growing world of cryptocurrency. So, what are the USPs that make us different to our competition? Firstly, who is our competition? Well, it can be argued it is any of the numerous crypto exchanges popping up everywhere.

What makes us different to them? At its core, XCOYNZ is really about promoting an alternative to the global monetary system that we all unwittingly endure because we know no better. Cryptocurrency, the revolutionary currency system should make people rethink how money actually works. Getting people to think about that is much harder and we’ll cover that in another blog post. The question we are looking at today is more to do with how will we stand out from the rest of these exchanges? There are four main things about XCOYNZ that are unique and particularly attractive to the every day person. Each of these is specially related to a real-world problem which can otherwise pose substantial barriers to ordinary consumers wanting to explore a different monetary system. We’ve identified key problems and created bespoke solutions and present the solutions here as setting your own fee for transactions, the Smart Algorithm Wallet (SAW), the Payment Gateway and the XCOYNZ Smart Card.

The idea of setting your own fee is great for the ordinary person entering the market as all other exchanges tend to charge hefty transaction fees that can be a deterrent to new participants. Not so with us! Here is a mechanism where the user of the XCOYNZ Platform is given a pre-set quota of transactional volume and the ability to offset transaction fees to whatever they like by way of using our token — even to zero if they so desire! Simple means of purchasing the XCOYNZ tokens via our platform to offset the costs of the transactions is a winning deal considering the difference in token price and the realisable value against fees. Nobody out there gives an option to set these fees at zero!

In the crypto world it is not uncommon for enthusiasts and investors to hold crypto assets in more than one form. For example, one may hold cryptocurrency in BTC, ETH and others. It is important to bear in mind that there is more than one form of cryptocurrency, just as there is more than one fiat or ‘real’ currency (when trading in Forex for instance). Sometimes market trends can get confusing — how to decide which currencies are not doing so well, which you’d be better off selling and which you’d be better off holding on to. Our Smart Algorithm Wallet contains sophisticated algorithms that can determine which ones to offload right now for the best market rates, for the best network and exchange fees against which ones you should keep hold of. You’ve heard of HODL right? Well, who’s going to instantaneously teach you which ones to HODL? Our SAW will, it’s an intelligent ‘buddy’ that is part of a user’s profile to help maximise profits and minimise costs.

The third great innovation of XCOYNX is our Payment Gateway. Here we are stepping up to stand alongside the likes of PayPal in the fiat world! Our Payment Gateway enables us to provide a payment option for people shopping online to use their crypto assets, bearing in mind PayPal and similar alternatives deal in fiat money, not cryptocurrency. Our Payment Gateway will make it much easier for you as a consumer to pay for goods at Checkout using your crypto assets. XCOYNZ has the vision to bring those waiting on the side-lines, wondering why they should move their fiat money into crypto simply because they can’t use it quickly and easily!

Lastly our Smart Card. Most people now make use of card payments on a daily basis, whether they be via Chip & Pin or Contactless, for travel, shops, restaurants and pretty much in every retail outlet. How about using a cryptocurrency-based XCOYNZ Smart Card to make payments at all these places? In fact, if you still want to hold on to the old, you could even withdraw fiat money at ATMs with the Smart Card.

So, there you have it! Four great USPs that makes XCOYNZ a pioneer, a powerful trendsetter. Together, they make a great incentive for Joe Bloggs, John Doe and not forgetting Jane Doe to enter the world of cryptocurrency, to become part of the biggest revolution in money to come along in a couple of centuries!

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