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Why you can’t deal with money – Barthel Duda – Medium

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Do you have a problem managing your personal budget or maybe you just spend too much? This problem is mainly caused by a lack of education, which your parents should give you. It is not entirely their fault, because they also didn’t receive that knowledge and they tried to do their best.

I have good news for you: Proper money management is a skill, so if you really want, you can learn it fast.

Try to analyze your childhood to find some improper role models.

I am not better than you. My parents also didn’t teach me how we should treat and invest money. The game changer for me was the meeting with the person, which showed me another way of thinking about money. The way, which is not blocking me from earning really big money and living the good life.

You can probably recall people saying: “money doesn’t buy happiness”. That’s true but money also doesn’t take happiness away from you. Real happiness isn’t related to the environment in, which you live. It cannot be connected with an object or person. You have to find in inside yourself. That’s why you should not treat money as a magical source of joy. Believe me, I know a lot of people, which earn 10000$ monthly and are in a depression.

Let’s talk about common “money myths”.

Some people ( I know a lot of them) think that success and money is a result of luck. They are dreaming of winning the jackpot. The only difference between person earning 10$ or 500 $ per hours is the value this person can offer to other people, remember this

In some countries, people believe that it is not possible to earn 1 000 000$ in a fair way.They treat the entrepreneurs as thieves and criminals. Their mindset does not allow them to earn really good money, because they think that money is bad.

Who don’t risk, don’t drink champagne!

This Garry Kasparov quote tells us that our life is similar to chess. You can live in defence on a stable level, but to win the game you have to risk. The fear of failure should not restrict you from brave decisions. When you to put all your eggs in one basket you will have additional motivation not to lose.

“Work hard!” “ Work harder!”

We can hear that all the time. Hard work is very important in your path to the success, but even more important is to work wise. You should be prepared that sometimes it is not possible to “work harder” or work more. That’s why outsourcing and automatization of the process can be crucial. The real power we can obtain by merging hard work and wise work.

Now last but not least truth about the dealing with money. Rich people very rarely work for money. They try to solve some problem. The bigger and more complicated the problem is the bigger is the bounty. E.g. when you manufacturer the basic shoes for 30$ you solve the basic human need. However, when you sell designer kicks for 300$ you are working with higher needs from Maslow pyramid so your products can be more expensive.

Let’s imagine that you create the vaccine that is extending human life by 10 years. You can sell it at an unbelievable price. When you solve the big enough problem, the money is the obvious outcome.

We are the sum of 5 people, with whom we spend most of our time.

My advice for you is to have as many inspiring, ambitious people as you can. Spend your time with people, who are better and richer. They will change your mindset in a positive way.

GL everybody

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