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Breakfast links: Metro is likely giving free fare to feds

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Metro may give federal employees free rides during the shutdown

Metro will offer free rides to federal employees during the rest of the shutdown, so long as the board approves in an emergency vote on Friday. Employees would have to display a federal ID to be admitted entrance.  (Faiz Siddiqui / Post)

Regional buses could make some big improvements

Metrobus and regional bus systems are inefficient and costing the system riders, a new report from the Eno Center for Transportation and the Boston Consulting Group concludes. Dedicated bus lanes could improve service.  (Faiz Siddiqui / Post)

No one wants a bidding war over a football stadium

Taxpayer funds for stadiums are bad policy, and it seems that fear of a bidding war is allowing leaders in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Congress to oppose deals for a new stadium for the Washington football team.  (Ally Schweitzer / WAMU)

Local students’ data analysis is improving urban services

A new data analysis technique called “urban computing” allows researchers to make informed decisions on how to utilize urban services. In the Washington region, it has already made Metro more effective and helped Loudoun County redraw school boundaries.  (Kristi King / WTOP)

North Capitol Street could be getting more development and safety improvements

North Capitol Street has been largely neglected, and it's difficult for people walking to cross through the fast-moving traffic. Now several parcels are slated for development, and neighborhood groups are working with the District to improve safety.
   (Jon Banister / Bisnow)

A new Latin American market will open in DC in June

A new market featuring 14 businesses which highlight Latin American culture and food will open near Union Market in June.  (Rachel Sadon / DCist)

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