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What fried chicken meal to buy at KFC? – Bradley Yeo – Medium

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Disclaimer: This may only apply in Singapore.

I went to KFC the other day to buy a cone of froyo yoghurt. It was just like most KFC’s except for the long queue which gave me time to look at the menu.

One of the items they offered was a fried piece chicken meal that came with a drink, whipped potato and coleslaw(R).

The two piece chicken meal costs $7.95. The three piece chicken meal costs $9.95. The nine piece chicken meal comes with two whipped potato and coleslaw(M).

Since the only difference between ordering three sets of three piece chicken compared to a nine piece chicken meal are three drinks (assuming 3 regular potato and coleslaw is equivalent to 2 medium whipped potato and coleslaw). Ordering the three piece meal is the most value for money item.

However, the story does not end here. From a 2pc to 3pc meal you would get an extra chicken for just $2. But from a 3pc to 9pc meal you would be paying $3.33 per extra chicken.

So,you would get the third piece of chicken cheap but pay way more for the fourth to ninth chicken. This totally does not make sense to me as I would think KFC wants to incentivise people to buy more chicken and should charge less per incremental chicken.

Menu Price for KFC (Singapore)

Perhaps my logic is wrong, if so please correct me in the comments below.

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