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How I Earned $102K in 2018 – Steph Wynne – Medium

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I usually don’t tell how much I earn but I’m proud to say after putting my 1099’s and yes W2’s together, $102k passed thru my hands and that’s what happened it passed through. For some people $100k is nothing and for others it’s a lot. For me it’s not enough! $100k is only $50 an hour and I really don’t like the hourly thing. Not because I’m some money grubbing, by all means necessary person, but I’ll tell you I’m thinking about heading that way I see in additions to having a skill or two, a good attitude seems to be the next important thing to earn cash. I had hit the $50k Terror Barrier as Bob Proctor calls it and seemed to not be able to earn past $50k or $25 per hour. I started paying attention to my thoughts and attitude about money and responsibility and things quickly changed.

I like having multiple sources of income because then I’m not stuck with one company who can control my life. Here’s what happened:

I sold 16 books or $160 so that leaves $101,840

I provided bookkeeping services $28,500 that leaves 73,340

I provided tax services and was paid to let other tax pros use my ERO $16,700 that leaves $56,640

I provided hosting services $1,800 that leaves $54,840

I provided website services $7,500 that leaves $47,340

I provide sales tax services and 1099-K consultation $11,500 (people need help with this one) that leaves 35,840

I provided Google Adwords assistance with analytics and website hits (mostly existing bookkeeping clients) 8,000 that leaves 27,840

Airbnb host $12,500 (I’ve earned more) that leaves $15,340

Filmed one youtube video for existing client $2,500 that leaves $12,840

A 10,000 loan that helped kick off the year (still cash that went thru my hands) that leaves $2,840

Training others — Quickbooks, website building $2k

Radio station donations $840

The only reason I know this info is because I kept track. The reason I’m putting out to the universe what I earned is because it took multiple sources of income and I can do better. Hopefully others will see that it does takes work to crack that six figure mark. When I see what my clients earn I sometimes feel I’m in the wrong business or that I should focus on one thing. But $100k is nothing in the scheme of things and I worked hard for it. It wasn’t 40 hours a week but much more. Some people can do $100k in 40 hours and some less.

I don’t know how people earn their money and I know it’s tough out there. I don’t mind hard work for multiple sources of income. I just don’t want one company having control of how much I earn and I’m also not feeling the hourly thing. When I look at the list of what I’ve done in 2018 I see that I didn’t complete my feature film nor did I write much on a major book I want to release. I earned a few dollars but if I look at my Medium profile I said I wanted to write books for films and I didn’t do that. So I think it’s time to refocus and work on what will bring me the most joy.

I’m grateful and happy to push past the $50k terror barrier and double my income. It’s not enough because I know I can do better and plan to.

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