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Breakfast links: The fare decriminalization debate sparks the question: why not just make transit free?

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Making public transit free isn’t as farfetched as you might think

With all the debate over the decriminalization of fare evasion, here's an idea: make transit free. It would require some number crunching, but could yield tangible benefits while eliminating existing inequalities, and wouldn't cost as much as you might think.  (David Zipper / CityLab)

When solar panel plans run afoul of forest conservation

Georgetown University's plan to reduce its carbon footprint with solar power is running into a snag: space for the solar farm. Currently, plans for the farm would clear cut an existing forest, putting the university at odds with environmentalists.  (Jacob Fenston / WAMU)

Maryland lawmakers may turn toll decisions over to counties

A new bill proposed in Maryland would have counties vote on decisions about adding toll roads, which are currently decided at the state level. If passed, the bill could hamper Maryland Governor Larry Hogan's proposed highway and infrastructure plan.  (Luz Lazo / Post)

Virginia bans using devices while driving

Virginia lawmakers voted to tighten an existing ban on useing handheld devices will driving statewide in an attempt to curb distracted driving. Statistics show that such bans reduce device usage while driving, but the impact on collision rates varies.  (Michael Laris / Post)

About 10% of CaBi stations are out of service

About 50 Capital Bikeshare stations, or about 10% of the system, got disconnected from the network on Wednesday. Many of the out-of-service stations are in Capitol Hill, Georgetown, and Arlington.  (Natalie Delgadillo / DCist)

Here are the development projects in the works in Adams Morgan

With all the developments underway across DC, Urban Turf summarizes the projects slated for Adams Morgan and other neighborhoods including 14th Street, H Street, and East of South Capitol Street.  (Nena Perry-Brown / Urban Turf)

Why do mayors keep offering business tax incentives?

Mayors around the US continue to offer tax and other incentives to attract business, despite large amounts of research indicating that these deals don't help. Many believe these incentives mean a great deal to businesses, but they often don't.  (Richard Florida / CityLab)

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