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if you can, do business alone, here is why – 1 min Daily by Ahkar – Medium

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A lot of people may argue with me about this topic but i would like to share that, because i have been working with partners and i have been working alone. There are both pros and cons. Let me start telling you some pros that everyone might say,

  1. with partners, you feel more secure, you can share ideas and get suggestions.
  2. with partners, you have less responsibility and less duty, more time to do others.
  3. with partners, you might have more capital, resources and bigger market.

But here are good enough reasons to grind alone.

  1. without partners, you are more serious and focus, because you are the only one, you can’t blame to others.
  2. without partners, you take full responsibilities for what didn’t work and you can take full credits for what is working.
  3. without partners, your vision is more clear, go as your way. you can go much faster than with partners.

And some bonus point to think is, most of the time when you work with partners let’s say in order to be done 100% you both use your power only 50% and 50% to get that point. It doesn’t make sense at all, to do things by many people that only one person can do and done at same amount of time.

That’s why i love doing alone in business. it doesn’t mean you should not build your team, your team is your asset, you need it. that’s why see most of the famous Leaders, like Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk and many others, they have team, but they lead the team alone, that’s make much more clear and faster in business.

1 min Daily by Ahkar

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