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Idea For Maximizing Medium Profits (Writers Too) – Mandy Waysman – Medium

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For Real?

Pretty sure I look this cute when I sleep.

I had a couple of ideas before I fell asleep last night. Do I have to announce to people every time I have ideas? I see no value in answering that question for you and frankly the spirit in which you asked it seems a little condescending. I’m kidding. Isn’t that just how we are? Joshing around with each other. You are too much!

Why, Though?

This Mickey Mouse looks like he gets it.

The first idea is to solve a problem I’ve had since joining Medium. I thoroughly enjoy many articles and authors. (Suck up much? Don’t mind if I do.) My point is this, based on what I’ve read about the way funds are distributed to writers, I might be shortchanging some of the writers that I enjoy because I have so many.

I want a way to reward the writer of an article that I enjoyed and I have thought of a way that it could possibly work out. If you enjoy an article would you be willing to watch an ad to show how much you enjoyed it? Imagine me asking that question in much the same tone as I would ask you to take a bullet for me.

Here is my theory. I love Medium and curated content. I don’t know much business, but I have been reading quite a few articles on Medium about such things. This leads me to believe that I am uniquely qualified to advise on ways to diversify and add another revenue source for the site. It’s the circle of life, guys.

Tell Me How

I propose the addition of an ad button. Adding an ad button will allow you to watch an ad after reading an article. Watching that ad will directly link to the writer that you chose to hit the button on. The theory is that Medium will be paid by advertisers and the fee would be split with the writer. Allowing the ad viewing to be a choice at the end of the reading material keeps an ad-free experience for the users that continue to want that, but provide a unique opportunity for those that want to reward an article that they especially enjoyed without deluding it with the larger pool of writers. It’s the ability to sacrifice some time to make sure writers are compensated for the good work that they do.

This additional revenue source could be to keep the site up and going for many, many years to come. It’s possible that Medium is already set for years and years to come. Maybe it’s all the recent layoffs that have me bugged out about sustainability.

So that’s my idea. Medium staff, feel free to hit me up and we’ll work out the plan. I mean, I guess I already put my thoughts out there but it feels more professional to offer a conference call. I can make a power point. I’ll probably accidentally fill it with old vacation pictures. We can laugh together and bond about the silliness.

Not All My Ideas Are Winners

The second idea was baby rhinos in onesie pajamas with bear ears on them. I might have fallen asleep by the time that one came around. Or it might be so brilliant that it’s more than I can conceptualize. Who can say?

Can you Imagine?

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