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Where Realtor Associations Bring Value

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In this episode of Driven, we hop in the car with Nick Kremydas, who leads up the South Carolina Association of Realtors. Hear about the ways him and his fellow chapters are supporting real estate professionals.


We’re not developers. We’re not builders. Realtors don’t sell homes. We sell communities. A community is one that has great jobs, access to open space, good education and schools. It’s that stool that has all the different legs and components of what makes a thriving community. And when we have that, our Realtors are successful because homes are being transacted. And we try to maintain that balance.

Nick Kremydas is the CEO of the association for South Carolina Realtors. He’s spent 23+ years in the business and has been working tirelessly to promote homeownership, protect private property rights, and enhance real estate investments across the state. At the center is one driving factor: Supporting the dream of owning a home. It’s the goal every real estate professional talks about. Nick takes a deep dive into how associations like his help create value for Realtors by ultimately helping homebuyers and sellers.

In this episode of Driven, skip to these memorable moments:

  • The function of Realtor associations (8 min)
  • Where South Carolina stands among housing and affordability issues (12 min)
  • Incorporating technology into the business (22 min)
  • Talk about NAR and “logo-gate” (30 min)
  • Why adopting technology should be open-minded but heavily researched (48 min)

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