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Every week, we’ve been running challenges with a simple prize structure: the top 3 winners get prizes ranging from $20-$100 each. This Tuesday, February 19, we’re trying out a new prize structure: a cash pool that grows with the number of submissions, and distributes prizes based on votes.

We’re rolling this out for two reasons:

  1. We heard from creators that it was discouraging that only a small proportion of submitters could win, so we wanted to create a way for everyone to share part of the pool.
  2. We wanted to build in an incentive to invite friends to submit. With a growing pool, more submissions means a larger pool to split, not just more competition.

Here’s how it works:

  • The prize pool starts at $20 for #myTshirtVS.
  • With each new user that submits to the challenge, the pool grows by $20. So when one person submits, the pool becomes $40. Once ten people have submitted, the prize pool becomes $220, and so on. It does not grow if one person submits multiple times. However, more submissions can help you get more votes, which is important because…
  • At the end of the week, the total prize pool is split based on proportions of votes. Hypothetically, if four people have submitted, then the total prize pool would be $100. If the votes are split 60, 30, 10, and 0, then the person with 60 votes would get $60, the person with 30 votes would get $30, and so on. This means that the cash prize you earn is totally in your hands — it’s up to you to get the most number of votes.

Don’t forget that you can vote for your photo (or others’, if you’re feeling generous) by pressing the fire icon under any photo.

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You can also share a link to your submission on social media to get friends to vote. You can get a link to your post by clicking the link icon by your photo. Need a refresher on voting? Check out our last post.

In summary, the growing pool prize structure will be tested on #myTshirtVS from Tuesday, Feb 19 to Saturday, Feb 23. This makes the prize pool increase with each new submitter, and distributes the prizes based on votes. That means it’s in your favor to get your friends to submit and/or like your posts. Good luck!

Any questions? Let us know at

Ready to start submitting? Click here to go back to Viralspace.

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