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Honestly, I have no idea if my experiment will end up turning into something sustainable. But at this point in time, my only goal is doing whatever it takes to teach people economics.

As long as there are people on Twitter, I’ll be there as well, trying to reach them and convince folks to learn a thing or two about economics.

As long as there are users who spend all day following celebrities on Instagram, I’ll be there as well, trying to make the platform work for education-related content as well.

Facebook? Sure.

Pinterest? Why not!

When it comes to these platforms, I have no idea what I’m doing at this point. I’ve made a name for myself through the One Minute Economics YouTube channel, via my two books (one of which, my second one, ended up hitting the bestseller lists) and through my various appearances as a guest on YouTube channels, podcasts and even blogs.

And speaking of blogs, my experiment primarily revolves around my desire to give blogging another try. If I manage to tap into’s existing audience and carve out a little niche for myself over here, I’d be more than happy to hop on every now and then.

We’ll see.

2019 is the year of social media in my case, the year in which I plan to become a lot better at something I’ve been neglecting for far too long. As Gary Vee always says, I need to be where the attention is and if people’s attention just so happens to be on social media platforms at this point… I’m in 🙂

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