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PAWS Debit Card – Beekeyyy – Medium

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Woof! Woof!

Dear PAWS Community, We begin our Journey to the Debit Card In our roadmap we have listed PAWS debit card for Q1 2020. That is 1 year away but we can do it a lot sooner that that.

With the recent release of the PolisPay card and with your help we can reach the goal of spending your PAWS in the same way that bitcoin can be spent on selected cards.

It would be nice to buy pet food for your pets, or stop for a coffee on your dog walk and pay with PAWS via your debit card, Today we ask you to join us on our goal to reach 15,000 Polis and list PAWS on PolisPay.

We will start the fund off with 250 Polis and continue to add to this with any company reserves we generate as we go.

Donate to our goal at: PCohz4ckncVryysMgJr3HHD7RHL5Qpud9p

If we got 300 donations of 50 Polis each then we would be at 15,000 already.

Don’t focus on the 15,000 (NOW REDUCED TO 10,000) end goal but instead every 1000 Polis as the next goal.

Some of you might already have Polis and choose to donate a few of your rewards but even when you are buying on exchanges if you add a few Polis to your shopping list, they will all count and we will reach our goal quicker.

We will host the Polis on Midas so as it grow quicker and you will be able to follow our goal by an updated screenshot in Discord.

Remember our original goal of spending PAWS on a debit card is 12 months away.

At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand!

PAWS Team.

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