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3 Ways to Minimize Flood Damage

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A sudden flood in your home can cause long-lasting problems and require expensive repairs. "While we tend to think of floods from a severe weather perspective, a lot of times, our own homes can be the cause of flooding," says Justin Carrol, president of Perfect Home Services. "While floods can be unpredictable, homeowners can take precautions to minimize the harmful effects during a flood."

Install a sump pump in the basement and keep it maintained. Basements can be problem areas for flooding in homes, especially if they haven't been waterproofed. Sump pumps help move excess water buildup out of the home, preventing flooding. If a home with a basement doesn't have a sump pump, one should be installed to prevent flood damage. If it does have one, be sure to test it out at least once a year. It is also recommended to install a battery backup in the event the power goes out.   

Know the location of emergency shutoff valves. If a pipe bursts, a faucet breaks or some other uncontrolled water flow occurs, it's important to know where the emergency shutoff valves are. Carrol advises homeowners to know the location of these valves and also ensure they are labeled correctly. If a homeowner is unsure about whether the valves are properly tagged, they can contact a professional who can label them appropriately.

Examine drains and make sure they're clear. There are various drains located throughout a home: sinks, tubs, showers, at appliance connections, in the basement and elsewhere. Sink and shower drains are easy to check since they're used frequently, but others, particularly those in garages and basements, may not get checked as frequently. If those get clogged, they can prevent the ability of water to escape from the home.

Source: Perfect Home Services

Published with permission from RISMedia.

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