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If you need money to start a Business then don’t start

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Every entrepreneur starts from vision, passion to solve a problem.

After fine tuning the idea and the solution,work on what it takes to kick start the business.

This is where bootstrapping comes into play. Starting from the little you have and build up.

You have something in your hand, shelter, smart phones, personal belongings, savings etc.

If you don’t have any, you need leverage on what others have, there comes negotiation, go into partnership with someone who has resources or start by working from home

Develop a comprehensive plan that leads you to your great vision and walk on those steps to bring your vision to the baring of all.

There is so much that can be done from idea to first prototype or first visible product or service.

Build test, rebuild and test and there you demonstrate proof of concept.

If you have a business idea and your hurdle is capital then you are to rethink what makes you an entrepreneur.

You need to build first the idea, develop MVP, start from scratch, your family and friends are your first investors.

This is important because if family and friends cant trust you to give you non financial or financial resources, its a mirror of who you are and their belief in you.

Money is a growth factor to move from one point to another. But to move from Point zero to 1 you don’t need money.

If you want to start snails production, start selling snails, this enables you raise capital and kick start a small snail production thus your main idea.

You want to be a property developer starting by renting properties of others.

Generating cash records, Generating cash flows. Making mistakes and learning from them. Learning how to work with a team, how to negotiate, market research and more. Most of these skills are only learned on the job, this builds lot of certainty and it shows you can handle more.

As an entrepreneur you got to do what you got to do. There is no time to complain and accuse, take your destiny in your hands, no one is owing you anything in this world. With your attitude you draw more to you.

Everyone wants instant wealth, everyone wants instant money. People INVEST money where there is possibility of return.

Startups are human entities that operate in very uncertain environments. Who can invest in uncertainty when the head of the environment doesn’t know what he is doing?

Investors that invest in Startups invest in the entrepreneur (vision, clarity)

There are many ways you can have the funding needed

Ask yourself how much do i need and what will the money be used on. We don’t actually know how much to invest in a particular moving part of the business that can bring a level of growth or returns.

We are to note the core of your business should lead you where you invest.

If you cant tell every single moving part of your business then you have not mastered your business.

Investors get certainty when you know every single moving part of the business. so in case there is an error or leakage it can simple stop it.

If you want to start a business, just start. Capital is not your problem. Capital will show up when its time for growth. Don’t kill your dreams because you think you don’t have money. Look for other ways to get money to fund your original idea, sell something, work for someone, bootstrap. But in all you are your first investor.

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