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You can’t put a price on freedom.

I jumped into my first business as a 22-year-old, dewy-faced millennial completely starstruck with the prospect of working for myself and being able to call my own shots.

The idea of having the freedom to choose exactly when and how my day could unfold was invigorating and seemed like a piper’s dream.

Still, I was going to grind away with everything I had to find out if this lifestyle was possible for me.

Have you ever seen moments in stock photos or movies where a creative is up until the buttcrack of dawn hustling away, and they take a second with a cup of coffee in hand to relish in the moment with a big smile on their face? Because even though they’re still awake at an ungodly hour, they’re just feeling so grateful that they’re doing things on their own terms?

Those moments actually still happen to me. One of them happened to me last night (well, technically, very early this morning), when I was on a Medium-writing-marathon and didn’t want to cut off my flow of inspiration.

Photo by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash

Even as I was pinching pennies for the first year as my business was getting off the ground, and barely had a dollar to my name, still living in my parent’s house, I felt incredibly overwhelmed by how lucky and fulfilling my life was.

These days, I have a mortgage and a high-maintenance Shih Tzu and bills out the ying-yang… but still that sweet, sweet taste of freedom is the highlight of my entire life, every single day.

I don’t anticipate this ever changing. It has always been a fundamental part of me.

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