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As I skimmed through every book about “rich people stuff” I could get my eyes in front of I began to notice some similarities amongst the various authors.

1. Many have interviewed rich people, or are piggy-backing off of data from other author’s interviews with rich people.
2. They are quick to note that they are millionaires or in some cases multi-millionaires. At the very least, they’re ultra-successful.
3. They all seem to be saying similar things.
4. There’s generally very little depth to their words.

I think my biggest issue is with #4. Espousing their credentials, and then selling black and white answers to an incredibly gray area problem feels predatory to me. Their simple rehashing of pseudo-solutions are also concerning. For example, the differences between “10 distinctions”, “5 Golden Steps”, and “7 Secret Strategies” seems nominal at best. None seem willing to answer the difficult questions. In my opinion, the people that spend their hard-earned money to buy these books deserve better.

At their core, the concepts don’t seem that crazy, but I’m hard-pressed to believe that real solutions can be found in such simple measures. The idea alone creates an “us vs. them” mentality that feels like a cheap ploy to sell more books. There is an opportunity to help people improve their financial position without promising answers that lack substance beyond referrals to an in-house network of advisors.

The goal of this experiment, as I mentioned in The Start of a Thing, is to decide if emulating rich people’s habits is a path to being a rich person, to either validate or invalidate a crazy tweet. The plan is to offer access to as many free tools as possible alongside each “stuff” to give people a real chance to attempt to better themselves financially. The hope is that everyone feels comfortable with the price of admission and, assuming it works for me, is willing to give it a shot.

With that, on to The Twenty-Six Things.

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