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Money is what you believe it is. – Andrew Masters – Medium

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I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately about whether Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can be money. I’ll likely find an opinion piece by an economist with some impressive credentials arguing that Bitcoin can’t be money because it isn’t a good store of value or unit of account or other such nonsense. Perhaps such an article might even explore the 7 properties of money, and go to explain the subtle nuances between currency and money. Apparently, there are lots of complex flavours of money with terms like M1 and M2. The bottom line is, don’t ask too many questions or try to understand how existing money is actually created, leave it to the experts.

This is all a trap, a giant mind game.

Something is money when enough people believe that it is money, trust it and treat it as such. If people in power and authority can make you believe that their private ledger system of arbitrarily created 1s and 0s is money then it is.

One of the properties of the current western financial system that isn’t spoken much about is Money as a System of Control. The controllers of this system ensure that you must use it in your daily life and that you must work and perhaps even fight to be rewarded with their fiat currency that came from nothing. The history of what government has done to our money has been written about as long ago as 1963 before there were alternatives.

Now the old way of doing things is starting to be questioned and challenged.

Like trying to stop a leak in a dam, Central Banks are running damage control to ensure that they keep the public’s trust in the status quo. We are witnessing the control system starting to leak. For example, settlement systems like SWIFT are no longer the only way to move money around.

Photo: © Martyn Rivett — In a high place

Some people have already started taking the brave jump and are re-evaluating what money really is. I encourage you to learn about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin to make your own decisions.

I personally think that in the near future there will be a sudden mind-shift in what communities think of as money and I doubt it will be pieces of paper with pictures of culturally significant people.

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