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5 Fun Partner Exercises to Do With a Workout Buddy

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Staying motivated to keep up with a fitness routine can be the largest part of getting in shape. Pulling in a workout buddy for accountability—and commiseration—can enhance the experience, and allow you to snag a little social time, too.

Brian Zehetner, director of Health and Fitness for Planet Fitness, shares five exercises to have fun doing with a workout buddy:

The Partner Switch-a-Roo. Implement alternating cardio and strength exercises, allowing both of you to oscillate back and forth between movements (and machines, if needed) in a time-efficient manner, all while completing the exact same workout. This set-up also allows you to skip a break and go back-to-back if you're looking to pump up the intensity.

Get Your Heart Racing. Squeeze in a great cardio workout with some High Intensity Interval Training (also referred to as HIIT). If one of you is doing the high interval portion, your partner can do the low interval before switching. Don't forget to cheer each other on as the workout progresses to feel motivated throughout the circuit.

In Friends We Trust. It's important to challenge yourself when strength training, however, always use a spotter (a.k.a. your bestie) if you find a particular weight or movement challenging. They'll allow you to push yourself past your limits in the safest way possible, and you know your partner will have your back.

Hot Potato Pass. Pass a medicine ball back and forth as one of you does a sit-up before tossing. When your partner catches the ball, s/he will descend into a sit-up and toss it back. If you're looking for a challenge, continue on for 30 repetitions (15 for each individual).

Twist and Share. Stand back-to-back with one of you holding a medicine ball. Rotate your torsos in the same direction, allowing the one who has the ball to pass to the other. Continue for 20 rotations (10 for each individual) before passing it back in the opposite direction.

Published with permission from RISMedia.

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