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Credit & Home Buying w/ Nathalie Noisette (Featured on Run The Jewels)

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Owner of Credit Conversion Nathalie Noisette explains the importance of credit when it comes to buying a home.


Importance of credit

Impact of credit on home buying approval

What creditors want to see

& so much more!

For Media Inquiries or Ad placement, please contact Nathalie at 1–888–773–5777 or


Disclaimer: All information contained within this audio is a reflection of the author’s opinion in proximity to when the audio was produced. Credit and best practices are ever-changing organisms, due to this notion, there can be changes to this podcast at any time based on new information. Also, the host’s opinion may change as well. The author has done their due diligence to ensure that the information presented is presented with the most relevant information, but takes no responsibility to any changes that may be made. Again, these are opinions based on expert experience. You are more than welcome to cross reference any information presented in this clip. Any missing information is not the responsibility of the host. Any results direct, indirect or consequential, or otherwise are not the responsibility of the host. The information is not to be taken as legal advice. If you are in need of legal advice please contact a qualified attorney.

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