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5 Cool Storage Ideas to Declutter the Kid’s Room

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In a time when decluttering is becoming a byword, your kid’s room may still be a jungle of Legos, Barbies, and other assorted, and much beloved, toys. Bookcases and storage cubes can help tame the menagerie, but often they are simply not enough. The space and design experts at HGTV suggest a few cool alternatives even your kids will like:

Bedside storage. Try a pocketed, patchwork fabric organizer that slips in between the mattress and the bed frame to hold bedtime story books, favorite night-night buddies, or whatever you child likes having close to the bed at night. You can make it from scrap fabric with a pattern from

Stuffed animal swing. Create a three-tiered swing out of narrow shelving, some clothesline and some hooks. Hang it from the ceiling to create a nifty perch and get those stuffed animals off the floor.

Vintage crate carts.  Ask your grocer for produce crates or, if you’re handy, make them yourself out of pallets you can still get for free at many lumber yards. The little carts make wonderful storage bins, and if you add wheels, your kid can move them around at will when it’s toy pick-up time.

Lego storage. This one’s so easy and fun even your kid will love it. Create a three- or four-foot circle from a length of sturdy denim. Fold and sew the edges over an inch or two over the entire circumference to create a tunnel. Insert a length of cord all around. When the kids are though playing with Legos, they can lay the denim circle flat, throw all those plastic pieces inside, then draw the cord tight so the denim becomes a sturdy bag.

Tube cubbies. If your kid’s into tiny cars, save your empty toilet paper rolls to create a nifty ‘garage.’ With DIY instructions from, you can glue them together in a pyramid shape and voila – a nifty space for storing all those Matchbox toys – or Barbies or other little dolls or trolls.

Published with permission from RISMedia.

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