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Breakfast links: How can we reduce traffic and driving as our region grows?

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Can the Washington region keep growing and also reduce traffic?

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments believes that the region could actually reduce delays due to traffic by 2045, despite a steadily-growing population—if it increases housing near transportation hubs.  (Kristi King / WTOP)

Spotted: Another issue with Silver Line construction

A contractor has spotted another issue in Silver Line construction that affects the Dulles station. The contractor found that the concrete columns which support large glass panels were built without correct reinforcement.  (Lori Aratani / Post)

Whose homes will be affected by Governor Hogan’s highway-widening plan?

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan's plan to expand the beltway and I-270 would “directly affect” 1,500 properties, including eliminating up to 34 homes and four businesses along the beltway.   (Katherine Shaver / Post)

It’s a tough market for local homebuyers

House hunting is getting even harder for prospective homebuyers in the Washington region. Active listings are at historically low levels and are down almost 10% from last year, while prices continue to rise.  (Jeff Clabaugh / WTOP)

The District may get a workforce housing fund

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser included a “workforce housing fund” in her budget, which would increase housing for middle-income workers in the city. The plan came under fire from activists who see it as diverting funds from housing or initiatives from low-income residents.  (Peter Jamison / Post)

Some neighborhoods have too many banks, and other have too few

A review of the number of banks across various DC zipcodes finds a stark disparity between higher-income neighborhoods and lower-income counterparts. The difference can affect street life: banks, though good tenants, contribute little to day-to-day interaction.  (Ally Schweitzer / WAMU)

Building owners are installing solar panels and donating the energy

Some local office owners are adding solar panels to the roofs of their buildings and donating the power generated to the grid, where it is then distributed to low-income residents via credits to help lower their energy bills.  (Jon Banister / Bisnow)

DC is examining its high rate of maternal deaths

DC has a new committee to investigate maternal deaths. The District's maternal death rate is twice the national average, and three fourths of the women who died of complications during pregnancy in DC were African American.  (Sasha-Ann Simons / WAMU )

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