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How Can You Survive When Everyone Gets A Raise BUT You?

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The cost of living keeps going up in the United States. What happens when you can’t afford even the basic necessities?

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I’ve been in the workforce officially half of my life. I started working as early as 14 but officially I was 16 when I started my pizza making job. I worked in food service, I worked for a post office, I’ve worked in radio, and for the last three years I’ve worked in marketing. While they’re not the most lucrative careers in terms of money, I’ve been able to make a decent living. If it weren’t for student loans and some excess spending as a teenager, I might be in better shape financially.

A lot of the financial advice you see on the internet now makes you feel like you haven’t done enough. That it’s all YOUR fault for being so far in debt that you could buy a luxury car with all that money. There are articles that make you believe you should have an emergency fund and that you should do whatever it takes in order to pay your debt down. Living “debt free” has now become a trendy part of what you see on the internet when searching for financial advice.

Then I came across this tweet from The Guardian last week.

The billionaire owner of this company couldn’t fathom why that amount of money wasn’t enough to live on for one of his low level employees. My favorite part is when he said he would love to talk to her about how they could help, mainly because he had no clue what to say.

Every year, something that you pay for increases. My internet bill is increasing next month. My rent increased after a year of living at my apartment. Food items increase at grocery stores and gas is probably going to be over $3 in most places this summer.

Yes, I have heard of the cost of living raise. However what happens when you don’t get that raise? Why is it that companies can keep raising their prices but an employer can stiff you for even a cost of living raise. Let’s not forget when the employer wants to give you more responsibility but no extra money. This happened to me in both of my radio jobs. I received new titles, more responsibility, but was told “a raise just isn’t in the budget.” You’re almost forced to take the added responsibility because you can’t move up in your career without it.

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