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The Future of the Urbanophile

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As you’ve probably noticed, there’s been a slow-down in the posting frequency in 2019. Last year I tried to publish almost every business day. That was going well and readership was up. But it was also very time consuming.

So I made the decision to cut back and essentially eliminate blogging. My plan is to continue to post here the articles and such that I do elsewhere, and also podcast episodes as I create them, but not to do much in the way of blogging that’s original to this site, though I may still do some from time to time.

The truth is, the golden age of urbanist blogging was a long time ago as these things go. Many if not most of the sites that were around say five or so years ago have either closed up shop or post far less frequently than they used to.

And as I previously laid out at the end of last year, I’ve also retired the Urbanophile name for this site and plan to move forward using my name instead. Originally the Urbanophile was a pseudonym I used for blogging. Today there’s not much need for that anymore.

I hope you’ll keep reading, even if the frequency is lower. If you want to avoid having to keep checking for posts, there’s a menu item in the header at the top that allows you to subscribe and get every post by email.

If you get posts by email, you’ll also get my monthly newsletter which I plan to continue. This is my roundup of the best links on cities, transportation, etc. that I find during the month. If you want to sign up just for the newsletter, here’s the form for that:

There’s a new newsletter going out later this week, so be sure to sign up soon so you don’t miss it. And you’ll get a free PDF copy of The Urban State of Mind as well.

Thanks so much for your readership and support.

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