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Turn Your Real Estate Business Cards Into Messenger Marketing Tool

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Take a look at 10 Real Estate Business Cards you have and tell me if they all don’t look the same to you?

Real Estate: Welcome to the Online World!

According to the MIT Technology review, the average American spends 24 hours of their entire week on social media.

That’s a lot!

But what about those 144 hours per week spent offline?

Well, yes!

You can take a leap here and do something creative by moving your offline business, online.

However, it isn’t that easy promoting your website and social media on traditional marketing materials, such as business cards, posters, and flyers, you don’t know if people will take out time and search you over the internet.

Here comes Facebook Messenger to the rescue!

Each month 50 million business pages are exchanging 1 Billion messages among their audience. That makes messenger our best bet for this mission.

Most people with a “phone” have messenger app installed on their phones and that’s all it takes to use it.

But first things first make sure you have chatbot taking care of the person using your embedded messenger code.

Read more on how to setup a chatbot for messenger

How to Use Messenger Codes for Real Estate Business Cards?

1. First Impressions

Imagine handing out your business card with a messenger code on it.

When the person scans your code it opens up a welcome message and even better, it takes them to a journey on what your real estate company does, that stands you out from the rest.

Sounds fun right?

2. Taking Appointments

You can simply set up your bot to provide information regarding your business to clients and increase your sales!

3. Networking

Or using your messenger code embedded business card for networking at an event! You can always make sure they scan your messenger code when you hand out your card then and there or send out a broadcast message as a follow up to all these people a day later.

4. Generating Leads

Luckily, by scanning the code off of your card they have automatically been added to your messenger audience list and now your chatbot can send a message to them whenever you want.

What are the benefits?

  1. Your card doesn’t look like this:
  1. Messenger Codes increase open rate up to 90% compared to any other offline advertisement.
  2. You have their details right there, as soon as they scan your code.
  3. Your chatbot will send the messages for you so you don’t have to write anything. Even automated follow-up messages.

Next 5 years of Real Estate & the Chatbot world

According to NAR (National Association of Realtors), 56% of the buyers who look up for a house over the internet are below the age of 36 years.

And people who are looking to buy, sell or rent a property online have a lot of questions and it can be a grueling process.

24/7 availability of chatbots can be such a relief; you could be on your vacation in the Bahamas and your bot would be taking appointments on your behalf!

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