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Breakfast links: Metro’s approval is up, but ridership? Not so much.

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Metro appears to be winning hearts and minds, but not riders

A new Post poll finds that 68% of the region's residents rate Metro as “good” or “excellent,” while a plurality of frequent riders, 44%, say that the system has improved in the last two years. But some bad news: 40% of respondents say they take metro less than they did five years ago.  (Robert McCartney and Scott Clement / Post)

DC Councilmember Grosso wants to increase property taxes for “mansions”

DC Councilmember David Grosso is proposing increasing property taxes on homes worth over $1 million, and possibly a tiered tax system looking at increases for homes worth $2 million or above. Grosso argues that the taxes would provide needed revenue.  (Nena Perry-Brown / Urban Turf)

Montgomery County is allowing e-bikes on some park trails

The Montgomery County Planning Board has approved a six-month program that will allow electric bikes and scooters on some hard-surface park trails. The MoCo pilot follows a one-year trial of a similar program in Takoma Park and Silver Spring.  (Caitlynn Peetz / Bethesda Beat)

Here’s how much space your rent will get you in DC and elsewhere

A comparison of rent prices and apartment sizes reveals that a renter with an estimated monthly income of $4,436, the median for DC according to the study, will have an apartment size of 745 square feet and rent of $2,133. The study concludes that's $900 more and 100 square feet less than in Baltimore.  (Shawn Carter / CNBC)

How should DC fund the only hospital in Wards 7 and 8?

DC provides subsidies to the only hospital in Wards 7 and 8, and while DC Mayor Muriel Bowser would like to increase funds for the hospital, Councilmember Vincent Gray argues that the hospital hasn't lived up to promises and has little accountability.  (Martin Austermuhle / WAMU)

Mendelson uses building permits to force the mayor’s hand on Airbnb restrictions

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser hasn’t released a key zoning report needed before a new law limiting Airbnb rentals takes effect. So DC Council Chair Phil Mendelson wants to block all government building permits until she does, which could imperil school repairs this summer.  (Robert McCartney / Post)

What should DDOT do with the Palisades Trolley Trail?

The District Department of Transportation is studying what to do with the Palisades Trolley Trail, which could connect Georgetown and the Palisades. However, nearby residents have different opinions about what should be done.  (Lilah Burke / DC Line)

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